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Is it safe to use Oxygen-Toolkit?

Yes! Oxygen-Toolkit connects your machine directly to your cloud storage. Your data does not travel through our network. We do not see or store your credentials or data.

How do I get started?

Download the toolkit, connect your storage, and access your content. Check out the tutorial at

What storage integrations are available?

The current integrations include Amazon Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Procore, Mac File Server, Windows File Server, Linux File Server. Please visit the forum to request additional integrations.

Can I make my storage or applications available on Oxygen?

Yes! You can integrate any storage or application with Oxygen by developing a gateway. An Oxygen Gateway is simply a web server implementing the Gateway REST API. If you have a compliant gateway, anyone can connect with your storage using the explorer gateway command. For more information, please see integration storage in docs.

Can I use Oxygen in my applications to access any cloud storage?

Yes! Applications can leverage Oxygen to access any cloud storage. There are several approaches:

  1. Use the command line calls from your application.

  2. Use Sync-Toolkit to make synchronized local folders for application access.

  3. Use Drive-Toolkit to create a virtual cloud drive for application access.

  4. Use the Gateway REST API to access any storage from any application anywhere.

For more information, please see integrating Oxygen in docs.

Can I embed and distribute the toolkit in my product?

Yes! A separate license is required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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