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Users are everywhere, but IT isn’t. Oxygen Cloud builds products that allow users to have the same experience everywhere. Enables IT to deploy everywhere. Empowers businesses to capture opportunities everywhere. The office has left the building, finally.

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All new odrive is the best access to Oxygen storage and more

We built odrive from the ground up to give you the best access to all of your files regardless of where they are stored.

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  • odrive turns Oxygen storage or file servers into simple instant-on folders on your desktop

  • It's built to get lots of files you want quickly

  • It saves space on your computer, just as quickly

  • odrive also connects to new sources, including existing data in your file servers, without data migration

Oxygen Cloud products

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution

Secure file access for enterprise. Flexible infrastructure with choice of global cloud storage, on-premise storage or both.

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LeapFILE file transfer

Secure file exchange for enterprise. It's as easy to use as email to send and receive files without size limitations.

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What we're thinking about
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  • Automatic backup, so you don't have to think about it More

  • odrive makes file sharing with remote workers bloody simple More

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