Connect all storage. Access everything.

Build a storage grid with reusable integrations and give unified access to customers, end-users, developers, IT admins, and applications.

Storage Integration Platform

Electric Grid: An electrical grid, electric grid or power grid, is an interconnected network for delivering electricity from producers to consumers.

A storage grid is like the electricity grid; it connects storage providers to consumers for unified access to data.

Oxygen Cloud is a storage integration platform for building storage grids. Oxygen provides reusable integration gateways for connecting storage to a storage grid and flexible interfaces for people and machines to plug into a storage grid.


Build Your Grid

Oxygen is for IT admins and developers to modernize storage access for users. The flexible platform supports a wide range of deployment models and use-cases:

For developers

Accelerate product development:

Unified integration API
Infinity Cloud Drive SDK
Storage Provider SDK
Embeddable Sync Engine

For IT Admins

Unified storage management:

Machine Storage Backup
Cloud Storage Backup
Date Encryption
Storage Tiering
Storage Aggregation
Storage Migration
Storage Sync
User Storage Provisioning
Server Storage Provisioning
Storage Virtualization
Private Storage Cloud
Data Retention
Storage Audit

For DevOps

Server Automation:

Ad-hoc cloud storage access
Shell Scripting

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